As a child, I always had a passion for helping people and generating smiles and here I am...[several] years later and not much has changed! These days, as a travel advisor, I earn my stripes by helping people plan unforgettable vacations and business travel itineraries. "Family" is my reason "why" to any question asked regarding my motive or intentions. I am a woman of integrity and faith, with high moral and ethical standards.


As much as I would love to be the travel professional with top sales numbers, it is far more important to me to build quality relationships with the people with whom I do business.  I want to know what's important to my clients so that I can render services that truly cater to their needs.


As a brand, I want to be remembered for exceptional follow through and quality service.  As an individual, I hope to be remembered as a friend--someone with your best interest in mind--and I hope to become a strong, considerable option every time you think of travel!

Mellanie Grier


Your New Friend in Travel!